Computational Science

Scientists these days use all sorts of advanced computational tools. Occasionally we develop workshops or tutorials that may be interesting or useful to others. See below!

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Intro to R and RStudio

Interested in learning R? There are TONS of resources out there - and here’s one more! Developed over several years of teaching and workshop creation.

Data file 1 Data file 2

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Pipe Functions in R

Here’s a slightly more advanced tutorial on cleaning up your code. We may not be the most efficient coders, but we try!

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The Tidyverse

More ways to clean up your code and become an R master!

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R is one of the most powerful tools around for creating compelling scientific figures. Check out this tutorial for some tips and tricks!

The Economist data

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Make the “Connectivity Fish” in R!

Nerds like us screw around to make computational art, too!